Who Likes Who 
is a gossip-themed puzzle game centered around NPC dialogue

You play as 3 friends, Jane, Ryan, and Olivia, who are at a party. Depending on who you play as, you’ll hear different things from people as you talk to them. 
Help the 3 friends piece together the clues, and let the party host know which of her guests are interested in each other. (Yeah she’s kinda a huge gossip, but whatever. She gets a pass for throwing good parties.)
W/A/S/D to move
Space Bar to continue conversations
1/2/3 to toggle between characters (1 for Jane, 2 for Ryan, 3 for Olivia)
Use the mouse cursor to pick your answers when you speak to the party host
Credits to these Asset Creators:
Characters 5 02 by ITHAPPY
Low Poly Cartoon House by JUSTCREATE
Dialogue System by HENEGAMES
Starters Assets - Third Person Controller by Unity Technologies
Audio by WOW Sound
Mouse cursor and game icon from Flaticon
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